Uncommitted Consequences

“It depends on what day you ask me! But in the thick of a draft or a revision, I think my favorite advice comes from Patricia Cornwell: To treat your writing like a relationship, not a job.”

-Jessica Strawser

What are there consequences if you don’t write your book? Who ultimately pays that price? Is it you, the reader, or everyone involved.

This was the topic of the blog post I wrote on August 7, 2019, titled Finding The Words To Write.

It is ultimately the writer who pays the dearest consequences. The reason I state this is, in my own experience, because of the wide range of harmful emotions I feel for not getting the storyline out of my head and onto the pages. Fear, doubt, insignificance, failure are just a few of the unwelcomed emotions shoving their way to the forefront of my thoughts as I wonder why it is that I cannot simply sit down and write.

As I spoke into the dictating app on my cellphone to create the content for the blog post, words poured out of me like the first pour of hot coffee into a clean mug. The first line read: We are a society that has been trained to believe we need a boss or someone outside of ourselves to hold ourself accountable. 

And there we have it. It’s our reliance on the authoritarian outside of Self.

“Never stop writing at the end of a scene or chapter. Stop midway through even though you know you know what comes next and could finish. It makes it that much easier to start again tomorrow and get into the flow of writing again.”
-Christine Conradt

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