Pen To Paper Writers Circle is a sacred space for us to create, be held accountable, receive support, and network with fellow heart-centered writers.

For us to feel free to express our creativity, there is a code of conduct you are required to follow:

  • Follow your heart.
  • Respect. It is vital you are respectful of each other’s privacy, story, and well-being. Treat fellow circle members the way you feel you deserve to be treated. Be certain to respect yourself.
  • No Copy Catting. Plagiarism* will not be tolerated. What is shared within this membership and associated portals will remain within the walls of this community. The only cats allowed are the fur-baring kind that reside with you (and, for those with a cat or two, probably walking across your keyboard right now).
  • No Judgement Zone. Be kind. We are all learning. A skill that is natural for one person may not for another individual. There is a difference between offering insights and critiquing versus criticism and being destructive. This applies to the internal voice that looms in the darkness of your mind waiting for the opportunity to tell you mean and untrue things about yourself.
  • Do Your Best. Need I say more? We all have days that suck the giggles out of us, and periods of time that we feel like we can climb Mount Everest. Be gentle on yourself. Have fun. Write!
  • No Tolerance For Intolerance. Do not post any political, negative, sales pitches, or harmful content of any kind. The individuals who post spam-type content to promote their product and services outside of the designated forum will forfeit their memberships and future access without warning. Pen To Paper Writers Circle is not the community space to share political views, opinions or promotion (either for or against) any government at the nation or local level. Individuals sharing such content will forfeit their membership and future access without warning.
  • Ask For Guidance! Please feel free to post questions, struggles, victories, concerns, a-ha moments, relevant articles, and inspirational content. We encourage you to engage with the community.  Don’t be shy!
  • Network. Giggle. Make friends. Share. Enjoy. Cuss a little. Be yourself.

The inability to participate within these codes of conduct will result in your expulsion from the membership (no refunds will be given). The Office at Pen To Paper Writers Circle reserves the right to remove any content and/or any member without explanation. We will be fair as possible, however we will not tolerate blatant policy breaking.

If you would like more clarification, let us know your thoughts or to report an issue, please utilize the form on the Contact Us page.

*Plagiarism – noun – The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

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