How to Create Blog Posts with Gutenberg Workshop

Gain confidence as a blogger with the How to Create Blog Posts with Gutenberg Workshop. Learn the basics of the Gutenberg editor, including formatting content.

woman at computer

Learn How to Create a WordPress Blog Post

Learn how to create a WordPress blog post. This self-paced course is perfect for the person who wants to blog, but feels challenged with technology. We will go step-by-step to creating your first blog post.

Intro to ClickUp

ClickUp Client Communications

Gain insight on how Cindy uses ClickUp with virtual assistant clients for organizing projects and conversations.
Intended for Virtual Assistant clients and Collaboration Team Members only.

Creative Writer

21-Day Writing Intensive

Befriend your inner critic with this proven 21-day Writing Intensive group coaching program for authors to write and activate your writing mojo.


Individual Reader Avatar

Discover your individual reader avatar! Determine your audience.

Meet the Characters

Meet the Characters – Know Their Secrets

Writing a book is easier when we know the characters, their backstory, dreams, and secrets. This guided meditation series will assist in creating an intimate relationship with the characters so you can better tell their story.

Meet the Characters

Meet the Characters Introduction

How well do you know the characters in the book you’re writing? Do the characters communicate with you as you write the story? What if you could close your eyes and connect with them?