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What is the membership at Pen To Paper Writers Circle Forum Community?

Our vision is to create a supportive community for writer to network. We are passionate about assisting writers to hone their skills and publish their message. Our intent is to help writers to get their heart-centered messages in front of their audience.

To learn more, visit the About Us page.

Who this is intended for: authors, bloggers, copywriters, freelancers, journalists, marketing content writers, technical writers and anyone who has a deep passion to write.

Besides sharing blog posts and articles with fellow members, do you have additional outlets to showcase our written work?

This is a great question. The answer is YES!

Opportunity #1 –
Cindy Kochis, the founder of the Pen To Paper Writers Circle, is the publisher of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine. The publication was placed on hiatus after the death of her oldest son in 2017. She is planning to relaunch of a similar product in the summer of 2020.

To learn more, you are invited to explore ElementsForAHealthierLife.com. Elements For A Healthier Life is a life enhancing lifestyle and wellness website dedicated to sharing professional insights, wellness tools and first-person stories of transformation. 

Who this is intended for: coaches and professionals in the business, health, lifestyle, marketing, nutrition, relationship, spiritual and wellness fields.

Opportunity #2 –
Once you have enrolled as a paid member of the Pen To Paper Writers Circle Community, you will be provided with how-to instructions and policies regarding submitting your book titles so they may be added to the storefront on this website. 

Will I get inundated with sales pitches (you know, the spammers that post ‘n run) and political opinions?

No. We invite you to look over the Membership Guidelines & Policy. We have no tolerance for intolerance.

The individuals who post spam-type content to promote their product and services outside of the designated forum will forfeit their memberships and future access without warning.

Pen To Paper Writers Circle is not the community space to share political content, opinions or promotion (either for or against) any government. Individuals sharing such content will forfeit their membership and future access without warning.

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What’s your return policy?

The membership access fee to PenToPaperWritersCircle.com is non-refundable. You may cancel anytime (a prorated refund will not be provided).

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