Harmonizing Our Throat Chakra Guided Meditation

No matter how we communicate, our voice is used. Voice is expressed in written, verbal, and suggested through physical movement. Sign language is a great example of how we convey messages through movement.

Each of us knows our words have power; yet, for some reason we continue to stifle our voice and keep silent on certain things. All that holding back creates, eh-em [clearing throat], blocks. We unintentionally add another rock to the wall we continue to build as a form of imaginary protection. Silly us, right?

It was clear, Wednesday, June 30, 2021, was a good day to bust down the wall around the stories we are meant to share. During this particular Writers Circle gathering, the topic of communication was brought up. The energies have been (at the time of composing this post) “transformational”. 

Relax, find a comfortable space to listen to this throat chakra harmonizing, clearing, let-our-words-flow guided meditation I recording in the writers circle session.

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