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One never knows what readers will rave about.

Have you written a blog post and felt it could win a Storyteller of the Year award and yet somehow it goes unacknowledged? Then there’s the handful of posts you figured would wither in the shadows of someone’s recycle bin receives an abundance of praise.

Case in point is the blog post titled Are You Wandering In Love? (published at ckkochis.com/are-you-wandering-in-love). Weaved throughout it are facts about the Caprock Canyon State Park and the intuitive messages I received witnessing the grace of the bison herd roaming free within the park. It was an amazing experience. I’m glad I listened to the Divine nudge to go after deciding the day before I didn’t want to spend the money for the gas to get there.

A friend sent me a private message stating, “Your blog post was amazing; a very enjoyable piece as if the reader is right there with you.”

My self-defeating mindset poured out a reply I’m not proud of: Thanks. Funny thing is, I didn’t think it was that good. Like I wasn’t sitting with the audience. I was simply throwing facts into the storyline: 15,000 acres, five mile long road, stay 50 yards from the bison, and, and, and… It did feel good to write again. A lot unraveled with the bison and the red dirt. This Michigander still finds the red dirt unreal; it’s as if my grandson grabbed his favorite red crayon and colored in the landscape. Anyhow… I’m rambling like I always seem to ramble.

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When we write from the heart, it comes across the lines on the page and dances with the alphabet. Our wording becomes more creative and descriptive. There’s a natural desire to write the story as if the person is sitting next us at a campfire sipping on the beverage of choice. I’d love to add snacking on potato chips, fresh-out-of-the-oven pan of brownies, or even a gooey s’more, however that may mess with someone trying to eat healthy. I try to be nice and not distract the readers with food cravings. A cookie sheet with hot chocolate chip cookies does sound good now. Sorry. Not sorry. Okay, I’m sorry. Sorta.

The point I’m trying to make is to write from your heart and not be consumed with what you think will atrract the audience’s attention. As anyone who has worked in retail will tell you, “Once you figure out the customer, they’ll change their spending habits.”

Enjoy the writing process and trust in your skill as a writer. I have to cut this post short; I have cookies to bake.

Until next time – write on!

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Are you ready to dedicate time, energy, and creative imagination to completing that written project you’ve been hoping to finish one day?

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 For authors, bloggers, copywriters, freelancers, those who love to journal and anyone who has a deep passion to write.

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  1. Write from your heart. Create from your heart. No other worries. Or rather no worries. I know for me I love what I do. I love what others do. It makes the world go round. We live in one huge community, we all love each other, we are all connected.

    1. Yes! I couldn’t agree more, Heather. We are one community. It’s wonderful you love what you do. There are so many who muddle their way through life as though it was something they were forced to do. Enjoy! Giggle! And, of course, WRITE ON!

  2. Writing from the heart is almost as good a chocolate chip cookies. When the thoughts and ideas are warm and nurturing, they feed the body and the soul. By the way, the spirit message that the buffalo carries, according to Native people, is that we always carry within us everything we need. Kind of reminds me of you!

    1. You’re right. Writing from the heart is almost as good as chocolate chip cookies. Almost. 🙂

      Interesting, I’m not familiar with that message. I like it. Not sure it truly applies to me, though. Thank you for your kind words!

      1. You’re so right — the posts I think will really grab people don’t always get any kind of reaction and some that I put together a bit more quickly can capture the attention of readers. I’m a little different than some of your other commenters — I believe that good writing requires a balance between heart and head. That’s what makes it so hard; some of us are good from the heart, others from the head. Few seem to navigate both well, IMO. I agree that it’s important to stop chasing an audience and just say what you need to say. The right people will find the right posts at the right time. Cheers!

  3. Loved the quote about figuring out the customer. Listening, paying attention to and expressing our heartfelt emotions seems to me to be an act of trust and an indication of compassion within the author. Reading something that to me, came from the writer’s heart, leaves me feeling refreshed.

  4. You know something Cindy? I’ve had similar experiences with some of my blog posts. The ones that I painstakingly researched and provided value have often not fared as well as the ones where I was free writing and simply sharing common sense and experience with the reader. Many of my blog visitors don’t leave comments but I do get messages later and Google Analytics tells me a story very different from what I should be doing if I believe the SEO gurus.

    1. I’ve never been one to write based on what the SEO Gurus instruct. That is, however, a different story for your website because of its intention. The CKKochis.com site is where I sit down and write short peaks into my experiences. It would be wise for me to listen to the gurus when it comes time to writing posts for this site. 🙂 Thanks for the wise words, Vatsala!

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