Creative Expansion

The journey of expressing the true essence of your voice in written works of art.

Meet the Characters – Know Their Secrets

How well do you know the characters inthe book you are writing? This is your opportunity to sit with your characters and have multiple intimate conversations to build a stronger foundation and draw the reader deeper into the story. 

The Creative Writer’s Path

On the Creative Writer’s Path, we will nurture the written project near and dear to your heart, explore ways to set aside the procrastination tactics, make peace with the inner critic, discuss self-editing tips, be our own writing superhero, and more.

Where will your writing journey take you?

Join us the Creative Writer’s Path – a 5-week group coaching program.

Creative Writer's Path

Your words have power. Your story matters.

Expand your creative mind!

We are a community of writers and authors who enjoys coming together from various locations to gain insights, support, and lend a helping hand.

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