The Creative Writer’s Path
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The Writer’s Path

On this writer’s journey, we explore elements of self and our love of expressing ourselves through written words. The terrain may look ominous, feel lonely, and fear fueling our doubt. It is not; we have each other’s support.

Expansion of Creativity

The person holding the pen to the paper (or typing on the keyboard) determines the direction of the story on the writer’s path. It is natural to question if we are doing it right. What would happen if you granted yourself permission to enjoy writing? There are no hardened rules nor rigid how-to instructions. To be creative is to experience a sense of freedom.

Walk Through Procrastination

This is the perfect time to write that book you continue to claim, “I’ll get to it tomorrow.”

We will explore where the hesitation comes from and options for walking through the elements holding you back.

Our Time Together

Each coaching program is unique. The conversations are based on the individuals attending the course. Be sure to take a few minutes before each meeting to prepare yourself for sitting a duration of time. The Creative Writer’s Path is a creative, inspiring, and productive group coaching program.

Creative Expansion

The topics of conversation will include:

  • Writing goal
  • Accountability
  • Individual reader avatar
  • Meeting the characters
  • Inner critic
  • Your voice
  • Outlines
  • Storyline
  • Self-editing
  • An overlooked marketing tool

What to Expect During the Group Coaching Sessions

.:. Dedicate a minimum of 30-minute to writing
.:. Discussions on the craft of writing
.:. Hone writing skills
.:. Take part in a supportive community

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