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Meet the Characters – Know Their Secrets

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Just Like You,

They Have Secrets

Your characters are eager to tell you their secrets. Are you paying attention? Connect with them on an intimate level and decide which secrets you share.

Your readers want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly details. They seek the insights about the protagonist and antagonists that only you can tell.

It is beneficial to have a deeper knowing of what makes our characters tick to bring forth a stronger foundation and close story-loops.

Not knowing your characters can cause writer’s block.

Your fingers rest on the keys. Nothing. Closing your eyes, you whisper, “Tell me your story. What should I write?”

The document on the monitor remains blank.

“Seriously? Come on. Write something.” Your words bounce off the reflection on the screen.

What would happen if you had an intimate conversation with your characters?

Meet the Characters
Meet the Characters

Clear the mind clutter and write from your heart.

Sit back, relax, and allow your imagination to follow the guided meditation included in this self-learning program.

Writing a book is easier when we know the characters, their history, dreams, and secrets. This meditation will assist in creating an intimate relationship with the characters so you can better tell their story.


  • 5 guided meditations
  • Meet the Characters Workbook (26 pages) to expand character development and backstory. A powerful reference tool to maintain consistent storyline details.
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