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Who is the intended reader of your book?

Do you know who your audience is? How would you describe them? Would you like to gain important clarity?

This workbook is created for seasoned and unseasoned writers. It was developed to assist creative individuals willing to dedicate time and energy to the craft of writing to explore the audience of a written project.

The ability to answer questions regarding our target audience provides us valuable insights. The answers form a road map for the reader to traverse the storyline without digging through their pockets rummaging for a compass (or worse, setting your book down). It narrows our, the writer’s, landscape and prevents us from wandering miles away from the path we set out to explore. The Individual Reader Avatar workbook will lay down a foundation under the scenic trail you are constructing. It will help you carve out sturdy stairs leading to the peak of the mountains. And, build a strong rope bridge with wooden planks to get across the deep valleys. Dig deep and be creative. This is your story to share. Let’s work on getting the details in writing.




Individual Reader Avatar workbook (pdf)

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