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Your Words Have Power.
Your Story Matters.

Writers love to write. That’s a given, right? Yet we procrastinate.

Is lack of time, fear, perfectionism or something else holding you back from writing that story, book or blog series?

What could you accomplish if you participated in a writers community that supports and inspires you to write and get published?

If you’re like most authors, writing leaves you feeling isolated and disconnected from the rest of the world.
It is no secret writing can be a lonely endeavor. We sit for long periods of time connected to our imagination, Spirit and writing apparatus.

Writing is a journey into your soul. The story evolves when you put pen to paper.

“YOU are no ordinary writer. You have a special calling to share your pearls of wisdom, experiences and guide others on their journey.

Our words have power. Your story matters.

It’s time to put pen to paper and write!”
-C.K. Kochis

What’s holding you back from writing that book, composing those articles and completing that manuscript for publishing?

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