Pen to Paper Writers Circle

The Writer’s Journey

Pen to Paper Writers Circle

The Alchemy of a creative project begins the moment you put pen to paper.

The Pen to Paper Writers Circle is where authors, writers, and creative word-weavers meet to write. It makes no difference in your skill level or genre.

The writer’s pen (and keyboard) expresses the true essence of our voice in written works of art.

Writers Circle

Creative Expansion

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A writers circle is a gathering of like-minded individuals seeking community, support, and insight on how to expand their creative mind.

Meet the characters

Meet the Characters


How well do you know the characters in the book you are writing? Get to know their backstory and strengthen the foundation of your storyline.

Meet the characters

Meet the Characters

Know Their Secret

How well do you know the characters in the book you are writing? This is your opportunity to sit with your characters and have multiple intimate conversation to build a stronger foundation and draw the reader deeper into the story.

Unleash Your Creative Mind

Unleash Your Creative Mind

Writing prompts breathe creativity into our imagination and leads us on a journey we may not have otherwise taken. Sign up to receive the 14-day email series.

Individual Reader Avatar

Individual Reader Avatar

The Individual Reader Avatar workbook will build a foundation under the scenic trail you are constructing. It will help you carve out sturdy stairs leading to the peak of the mountains.

The Creative Writer’s Path

On the Creative Writer’s Path, we will nurture the written project dear to your heart, explore ways to set aside the procrastination tactics, make peace with the inner critic, discuss self-editing tips, be our own writing superhero, and more.

Where will your writing journey take you?

Join us for the Creative Writer’s Path group coaching program.

Begins the first week of Spring 2023.

Creative Writer's Path

Let’s Write!

This is a creative community where writers, authors, and bloggers meet to write and connect.

The purpose of the Pen to Paper Writers Circle is to encourage and support writers at any skill levels, interests, and genres by providing a community atmosphere for networking, education, and creative expansion.

“Your words have power. Your story matters.”

CK Kochis


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