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Is lack of time, fear, perfectionism or something else holding you back from writing that story?

Your words have power. Your story will change the world!

What could you accomplish if you participated in a writers community that supports and inspires you to write and get published?

If you’re like most authors, writing leaves you feeling isolated and disconnected from the rest of the world.

It is no secret writing can be a lonely endeavor. We sit for long periods of time connected to our imagination, Spirit and writing apparatus.

Interact with writers that want to
motivate you to write,
connect with you,
support you, 
hold you accountable
& expand your writing skills.

Writing Is A Journey Into Your Soul.

“I’ve heard of the saying that there’s a book inside each of us but what happens when you start writing a book on a topic that is dear to your heart and get hit by the Curse of Knowledge and Information?

That’s exactly what happened to me for my 7th book where I’ve written about money from both a Coach and a Finance Specialist’s point of view. I put my manuscript aside thinking I will return to it and then time went by until I found my Motivator and gentle coaxing to revisit my manuscript from Cindy.

Under her unassuming yet powerful mentorship in the Pen to Paper Writers Circle, I finally realized my manuscript was actually two books instead of one! The clarity I received finally spurred me to revisit my book and this time, I finalized my manuscript and published it!

Looking back, I realize our communications over a few days made all the difference and Cindy helped me understand that Writer’s Block can take many forms.

If you are stuck in a rut with a cherished book project, blog and need someone to stand by you while you work on your dream project, then Cindy Kochis is the Go to Mentor for the job. I strongly recommend joining the Pen to Paper Writers Circle.

That’s one decision your Future Self will thank you for!”

Vatsala Shukla

Karmic Ally Coaching

The Story Evolves When You Put Pen To Paper

I understand the challenges of writing a book, maintaining a blog series and writing articles because I’m living it.

My name is Cindy Kochis, and I have self-published two books, currently maintain several blog series and am the former publisher of a digital magazine. Currently I have four fiction novels started, two non-fiction books in the developing stages and one novel completed that will never see a publisher without major re-writes.

The aha moment.

I realized I’m not the only writer allowing accuses to determine whether or not I dedicate the time and energy necessary to complete my written projects. Participating in a community of writers that understands the struggles and fears will naturally inspire and motivate each other with compassion and non-judgment.

You don’t need more information or to be taught how to write.

You need a guide who will walk alongside you on your journey of writing.

“YOU are no ordinary writer. You have a special calling to share your pearls of wisdom, experiences and guide others on their journey.

Our words have power. Your story matters.

It’s time to put pen to paper and write!”

-C.K. Kochis

Where Writers Meet To Write

Connecting Writers

Networking Community 


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